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Our Lady of Perpetual Help is a people who find our meaning when we gather in Word and Sacrament at the altar of the Lord. Thus united in the Body of Christ we recognize His Spirit calling us to mission.

We are called to develop a community of persons who are formed in the image and likeness of Christ. To achieve this end we will encourage and support Catholic education in our parish elementary school, be an active partner in our inter-parochial high school, and provide programs of religious education for not only the younger members of our community, but for all members of our parish family.

We are called to support family life. To achieve this end we will help our families enhance their unity in Christ through sacramental preparation, programs of family prayer and opportunities to bring the liturgical year into the home. We will enrich the social life of our families by gathering them for education, empowerment and fellowship. We will offer support to families in their times of difficulty by being present whenever needed to the elderly, widowed, bereaved and hurting. We respect life and will respond appropriately as a Christian community whenever human rights are challenged by persons or circumstances.

We are called to reach out to those outside our community. We are committed to the salvation of all. To achieve this end, we will reach out to reconcile inactive Catholics in the love of Christ. We will invite those not of our faith community to join us. We will work with people of all faiths whenever possible in joint projects to better the community and to foster a spirit that will lead to our coming together as one fold under one shepherd. We will be a sign of God's mercy and justice serving those in need.

We ask our patroness, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, to guide and strengthen us in the accomplishment of this mission.

"Where the Church is, there is the Spirit of God; and where the Spirit of God is, there is the Church and all grace, and the Spirit is truth."
St. Irenaeus of Lyons